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RapCaviar Pantheon 2019 // SPOTIFY

Now that our recent project RapCaviar PANTHEON with Spotify is out of the bag and officially premiered, we decided to embrace the process and share with you a behind the scenes looks of our team of amazing artists as they immortalized the talents of disruptors Cardi B, Jaden Smith, Gunna, and Juice WRLD by combining traditional sculpture techniques like hand-sculpting with the latest technology available from photogrammetry 3D scanning to digital printing. This truly has been the culmination of so much work and collaboration between artists, designers, sculptors, and creatives. We couldn't be any more proud.

Created by Spotify and Fabricated by Pretty in Plastic.

The making of JADEN SMITH for RapCaviar PANTHEON 2019

Behind the Scenes at PIP STUDIOS

Our team of talented artists sculpting, detailing, and assembling the statues.

Julie B. CEO + Lead Creative at Pretty in Plastic with Ibra Ake (Film and Creative Consultancy) and Sylvia Zakhary from Mamag Studios (Film Production).

Cardi B, Jaden Smith, GUNNA, and Juice WRLD final shot before being shipped to the Brooklyn Museum.

Pretty in Plastic created custom crates for each sculpture.

GRAND OPENING NIGHT AT THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM “Spotify is committed to supporting young, innovative artists who also have a positive impact on the music industry, culture, and society,” said Carl Chery, Spotify’s Hip-Hop curator and Head of RapCaviar. “These four bold and fearless artists are striving to make changes with their music, and we’re thrilled to induct them into the program.”

CREDITS Fabrication: Pretty in Plastic CEO + Creative Lead: Julie B. Spotify: Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman Design lead: Felipe Rocha Creative Team: Cecilia Azcarate, Heather Brodie, Tal Midyan Film and creative consultancy: Ibra Ake Photography: Keith Oshiro Film production: Mamag Studios 3D and motion: Unfun Experiential and Event Production: Trevanna Entertainment Spotify Extended Team: Payman Kassaie, Tara Fraser, Natalie Espinosa, Zainab Hasnain, Carl Chery, Maxwell Adepoju, Sydney Lopes, Rosa Asciolla, Amanda Butler, Zainab Hasnain, Max Weinstein, Tamika Young, Marian Dicus Artists: Cardi B Gunna Juice WRLD Jaden Smith

About RapCaviar Pantheon:

Cardi B, Juice WRLD, Jaden Smith and Gunna have been announced as the 2019 inductees to Spotify’s RapCaviar “Pantheon,” the streaming giant announced. Last year, Spotify created the Pantheon, which includes life-sized sculptures of the biggest breakthrough artists of the year, “cultural disruptors who are making an undeniable impact on hip-hop.”

According to the rather humorously worded announcement, “Through Pantheon, Spotify equates the art form of rap to the origins of art and civilization. Much like the ancient Greeks, rap has a pantheon of icons, names that are forever etched into culture, and songs that no one will ever forget… In ancient times, when a hero was celebrated, they were solidified in materials like stone, marble, or bronze in positions that embodied their achievements. The four 2019 RapCaviar inductees will be honored similarly, with masterfully crafted, ornate, life-size sculptures that capture their vibrant personalities.” - By JEM ASWAD for VARIETY

About Pretty in Plastic, Inc.:

PIP Studios is a full-service fine art fabrication studio for artists, designers, and brands. From concept to creation, we provide all the services needed to turn a 2D idea into a fully realized 3D creation - we specialize in design, traditional and digital sculpting, 3D printing, CNC milling, mold-making, fabrication in resin, fiberglass, metal, and anything else you can imagine!

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