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It was a pleasure working on this project with the fine folks at NOTCOT and NOTlabs. Here’s a look into the making of a unique set of invitations for CocaCola, written by Jean at NOTlabs.

New NOTlabs project in the wild! Here are the invitations for the 2017 Coca Cola CMO Leadership Summit! Focusing on the theme of “thriving in the next industrial revolution,” to demonstrate human and robot symbiosis, we created a sculpture of a human hand and a robot hand coming together. Part invitation and part desk object, they are perfectly suited to hold your phone or business cards.

These handmade pieces are cast in resin, painted, and mounted on laser etched wood bases that have the light bulb logo on the top, and a quote and logos on the bottom. We made a first run of 130 pieces, packed them up, and shipped them all over the US, but not before taking some photos to share with you! Take a look at the details and making-of on the next page.

They double as a phone stand!

The quote and logos on the bottom…


We worked with our friends at Pretty in Plastic to model and fabricate the hands. As usual, all the wood, lasering, and packaging were done here at NOTlabs.

It was surreal to have tables full of human/robot hands around!

FYI always get more crinkle paper than you think you need… but upside, my emergency drive to Ontario, CA meant getting to see the inside of a Unline warehouse which was HUGE and so efficiently run. SO MANY red cubes!

While I loved making the sculptures, by the time we were packaging and getting this project out the door, building this pyramid of the first 128 boxes in the garage was far too satisfying… also the amusement of the fedex man picking it up was well worth it!

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