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LOVE ONES: Premier Exhibition at the LA Design Festival

Loved Ones - Heartbreaker - Pretty in Plastic

Special Exhibition Preview

Friday, June 8, 2018

6pm to 8pm.

Design is for Everyone

June 9 & 10, 2018

11am to 5pm

Free and Open to the Public


777 Alameda Street Suite #140 Los Angeles, CA, 90021

Pretty in Plastic invites you to join us for the premiere of the signature collection by LOVED ONES, Julie B. and Phil Ramirez.

Hosted by the 8th Annual LA Design Festival as part of Design is For Everyone, a special exhibition at ROW DTLA that celebrates LA’s spirit of creative collaboration, the LOVED ONES installation will feature three oversized Pop Art sculptures that playfully distort weapons of destruction into weapons of love - Heartbreaker, Point Blank, and Cherry Bomb.

Designed by the LOVED ONES and fabricated by Pretty in Plastic, this collection invites you to put on your rose colored glasses and see the world through a new lense. A surprise interactive feature will encourage visitors to open up to the idea that the world we exist in can be altered by a simple shift of vision.

Here's a behind the scenes into the making of these three new sculptures:






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