The  Fine Art Department  creates museum quality sculptural pieces; collaborating with both well established and newly emerging artists we create couture, high-end, contemporary sculptural artworks. While firmly anchored in a foundation of traditional hands on skills, we are creative thinkers, which keeps us at the forefront of innovation in fine art fabrication.


Our fully equipped art studio enables us to produce the highest quality of work. Working directly with each artist, we assure that the final work of art is true to that individual’s style, brand, and vision. From concept all the way to delivery and installation, Pretty in Plastic is devoted to achieving an unparalleled level of quality and refinement.

PARRA - Sleeping Woman



The Pretty in Plastic  Prototyping Department  is focused on high quality concept development and designing for manufacturability. Building on your ideas, even simple napkin sketches, our creative team brings your vision from a 2D into a 3D reality - designer toys, products for consumers, and jewelry, are some of our specialties!


Whether your goal is to send your design into mass manufacturing, to create a single piece, or a limited edition run, Pretty in Plastic has the skill and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Prototyping Services:

Digital Sculpting / 3D printing / Prototype Painting / Molding and Casting / Limited Editions / Toy Manufacturing​

ERIC JOYNER - All Wrapped Up


 Public Art  requires a unique set of skills and planning experience - Pretty in Plastic provides all the resources, skilled craftsmanship, and timeline management required to successfully create both community and corporate public art installations. Our world-class team of artists and engineers design, fabricate, and install site-specific and large scale sculptures that transform ordinary spaces.

Whether for a public park, school campus, sculpture garden, small scale or monumental - Pretty in Plastic is the creative team to bring you the most groundbreaking public art solutions.



Pretty In Plastic is a full-service  Design and  Fabrication Studio .  Our team of Seasoned Master Craftsmen are traditionally skilled and forward thinking, working with the most state of the art fabrication tools and equipment to bring our clients’ visions to life at ANY SCALE. From Design Development all the way to Installation, nothing leaves our facility without passing the strictest of standards.

Fabrication Services:

Digital and Traditional Sculpture / 3D printing / CNC milling / Molding and Casting / Painting and Faux / Finishing / Welding / Vacuum Forming / Laser Cutting / Engineering / Crating and Shipping



Resin, Fiberglass, Metal and More

My Hip Event, MM/DD/YY

CARTOON NETWORK - Power Puff Girls


We are thinkers, innovators, dreamers and makers! It is the business of our  Design Department  to conceptualize ideas, making it possible to fabricate anything at any scale. Through creative collaboration, we take your Ideas and make them reality with Concept Development, Digital Renderings, Design Documentation, Material Specifications, Fabrication Plans and Structural Analysis also including Installations, Photography, and Marketing Concepts. 

Think of us as ‘outsourcing’ your creative department! Leave it to us to get the BEST creatives in the industry. Our multidisciplinary team has experience in fine art, digital and traditional sculpting, art history, photography, architecture, design, furniture, space planning, mechanics, metal work, FX, woodworking, ceramics, and on and on…

Prototypes, Character Sculptures, Events, Installations, Interactive Spaces and Objects, and Promotional Materials. We design it all!

Scott Hove - Archway Proposal