First Edition


SIZE: 10″ H x 6″ W x 6” D

Sculpted by Julie B.

Made in Los Angeles by Pretty In Plastic


Hand Painted by Camille Rose Garcia


Includes a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a limited edition giclee.


Pierre St. Claire by Camille Rose Garcia & Pretty in Plastic

  • Pierre St. Claire, is a lavender cat who smokes a pipe, leads the cat revolution in style, and will be sailing into Designer Con 2018 as part of Camille Rose Garcia’s Wonderful World of Dr. Deekay.           


    Designed by Camille Rose Garcia and brought to life by the team at Pretty in Plastic, Pierre St. Claire will be available as a limited edition of 13. Each figure is a unique 3D figure hand painted by Camille Rose Garcia, adorned with a hand made fabric scarf, packaged into a custom box, and paired with a certificate of authenticity and a limited edition giclee print of Pierre St. Claire and the Cats of the Midnight Moon.


    The World of Dr. Deekay is a multimedia journey into surreal a psychedelic world inspired by the real-life dental horror of Camille Rose Garcia, an artist, writer, Mexican Surrealism enthusiast, and a maker of magical things.


    An art installation, a book, and a stop motion animated movie,The Wonderful World of Dr. Deekay follows young Alex Winchester after he wakes up in a strange hospital with parts of himself missing - his introduction to a dystopian new world in which everyone is systematically “rearranged.”


    Pierre St. Claire, leader of the underground movement ‘The Cats of the Midnight Moon’, devises an elaborate plot of escape from the world of The Hospital, a labyrinthian asylum that grows larger every day. With the help of his sidekicks Alabaster and Obsidian, Pierre helps his human owner Alexander Winchester escape the clutches of Dr. Deekay, the mad doctor determined to rearrange the parts and minds of all the inhabitants of the Hospital.